it really does take a village.

We owe so much to the vibrant and masterful farming culture of North Carolina. It's such an important part of what makes us Strong Arm.

Enjoy reading a bit about some of the neighbors who help make the labor of our love taste so incredibly good. 


mapleview farm

Happy cows making happy milk, cheese, butter and ice cream in Hillsborough, NC


videri chocolate

Nobody really ever has to say much other than "chocolate," but can we also add, "Made in Raleigh," "Made by obsessive chocolate wizards," and "better than anything you've ever had?" That sums it up. 

sugar-hill copy.jpg

sugar hill produce

All the fresh goodness you would expect from a local farm, and all the seasonal variety, maxed out.


fern creek farm

Farmers of happy chickens and more, all raised with pride and joy just down the road from us in Creedmoor.


carolina ground

Yes. Flour. We use lots of flour. When something needs to be extra special, we prefer Carolina Ground. Grown locally, ground locally. 


botanist and barrel

We love to check in with Botanist and Barrel from time to time and find out what kind of magic they're making. Their farm-to-bottle approach to brewing is right in line with our own values.

cha-cha copy.jpg

cha-cha's chicken palace

There's nothing like eggs laid a hundred yards from the oven, raised by the coolest gal in Granville, Cha-Cha, especially when you're bakers.


corn hill farms

There's nothing like fresh berries from right down the road to help a pastry shine. And they really are right down the road.


firsthand foods

Providing locally sourced meat of the absolute highest caliber. You want pasture-raised, ethically sound, and economically responsible? You want Firsthand.


fieldstone garden

The tenderest greens, a stunning assortment of flowers, and honest vegetables grown with so much care it'll make you want to hug a stranger.


lyon farms

As bakers, we rely heavily on the magic of a perfectly grown berry, and proudly rely  on Lyon Farms to provide them. They're our jam! (Pun intended.)


anson mills

Renowned by chefs and bakers far and wide, Anson Mills has been our workhorse flour supply since day one. They are just over the line down in South Carolina, and a vital part of our product quality.


moretz's mountain orchard

You think we know where to get a good apple? You bet we do. Grown in the beautiful  mountains of Boone, these apples have everything it takes to make a dessert shine.